Chris Rainer

lvl 2 human armiger, neutral good


Strength: 15 (2)
Dexterity: 12 (1)
Constitution: 19 (4)
Intelligence: 12 (1)
Wisdom: 13 (2)
Charisma: 10 (0)
HP: 27
Damage Reduction: 1d4+1

Sense Motive

ATT Bonus: 2
Damage: 2d6
Critical: 19-20 x2
Size: M

Demon Viper Armor
Damage Reduction: 1d4+2
Max Dex: 5
Penalty: -2
Weight: 30 lb

Special Abilities
Trait: +1 HP per level
Tough as Nails: +2 CON
Skill thingy: +2 to two skills of your choice (Spot and Sense Motive, I believe)
Something that gives me +4 to any saves against something that would prone me

Improved Initiative

  • +4 to all initiative rolls
    Juggernaut (Rating 1)
  • Add DR to strength checks
    Armor Mastery (Rating 2)
  • DR + 1
    Power Mastery (Rating 1)
  • Cleave 1



*Making armor
*Taking hits for the party
*Making good armor
*Doing work well

*Shady-ass wizards
*Pointless charity

Evelyn Rainer – Mother. Runs the Rainer smithy, and as such keeps her name
Markus Volkorsk – Father, Evelyn’s second husband. Also a smith, primary operator of Rainer smithy after Eve went blind.
Loren Kedros – Stepfather (Deceased). Eve’s first husband, who died three years after their wedding. Had some sort of cancer and was sterile because of it.
Anna Vaardenhall-Rainer – Sister (elder)
Gael Rainer – Brother (younger)
Kaid Rainer – Brother (younger)

Lars Vaardenhall – Brother-in-law, runs a bar, is a cool guy
Shen Rigel – Was in Chris’ platoon.
Derek Foreman – Itinerant doctor, was field medic in Chris’ battalion and befriended him and Rigel.
Brendan Hale – Apprentice at the Rainer smithy

Other People
Vance – Very human half-orc. Seems a nice fellow. if a little eccentric. Met Chris during childhood when his father Graanz commissioned Chris’ mother, Eve Rainer, for an ornate pair of gauntlets, and Eve let Chris work the bellows.
Gillian Kruger – DIS BITCH
Joseph van Buren – Chris doesn’t care much for him

Chris Rainer was raised in a mining town called Vertigaul, positioned near a rich magnetite deposit that, despite several steady decades of gradual mining, shows no sign of giving out. He has a mother, a father, and three siblings: one older sister and two younger brothers.

Chris Rainer

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