Half-orc Barbarian


Strength: 19 (4)
Dexterity: 15 (2)
Constitution: 16 (3)
Intelligence: 7 (-2)
Wisdom: 11 (0)
Charisma: 12 (1)
HP: 29
Damage Reduction: 1d4

Climb: 9
Jump: 9
Swim: 9
Intimidate: 5
Survival: 5
Use Rope: 4

ATT Bonus: 6
Damage: d3+6
Critical: 20×2

ATT Bonus: 6
Damage: 1d8+4
Critical: x3
Type: B1
Size: M

ATT Bonus: 6
Damage: 1d8+4
Critical: x2
Type: B1
Size: M
Note: Disarm, Trip

Special Abilities
Berserk Speed
Berserk Strength
Child of Faith: Ordination
Savage Appearance

Cleave (Rating 1)
Improved Grapple (Rating 1)
Unarmed Combat (Rating 1)



Emen is a child of the Kernlock Half-orc tribe, a group of 10 families that organize themselves in order by clan strength. Within the tribe, the Kernlocks (the title, or strongest, family) and the Horshims are the strongest and wealthiest and are considered the best breeding stock due to their high turnout of successful hunters and warriors. Half-orc tribes of their particular region normally hold high respect for those who pursue honorable goals and bring wealth and good respect to their families, but the Kernlock tribe has lost sight of this tradition within the last twenty or thirty years.

The tribe became unbalanced during Emen’s childhood years. At the age of six, she was forced to abandon many of her friends who were children of “lesser” bloodlines. Emen did not know the reason behind this decision, but she trusted her parents’ judgment. Over the next ten years, Emen came to accept the view of certain families as lesser bloodlines and therefore lesser Half-orcs until she was drafted into the militia and sent out to deal with unrest within the lower families. On her assignment, Emen was confronted by childhood friends who had grown up poor and starving after years of abuse and denial of supplies from the higher families. She stays with the militia for about two more years before leaving, disgusted at the state of her tribe and her inability to change it from within.

Emen turns to the wilderness at the age of eighteen for a new way of life, and learns to live off the land. She quickly becomes an established hunter and has a reliable trading post within Krells. Until the age of twenty-one, Emen feels lost. She is unsure of what to do with her life. She does not know if she should try to confront her tribe once more or try to establish herself within another Half-orc tribe. She buys a hunting dog named Dogmeat to expand her trade business, but while on a hunting trip something strange happens to her dog. After snaring a rabbit, Emen moves in to kill the animal. A powerful unseen force makes her stop and cringe, the rabbit convulses and dies, and Dogmeat yelps as his ears start bleeding. After the influence of the force passes, Emen finds that Dogmeat is still miraculously alive. She gathers her dog to make her way back home, but is again stopped when her touch makes an instant mental connection between herself and the dog. Emen’s mind is flooded with knowledge about the past apocalypse: the artifacts that drove it, the leader who orchestrated it, and the betrayal that prevented the leader from achieving their vision of the new world.

With this insight into the past, Emen becomes convinced that the past apocalypse was a failure. She begins living her life to uncover the ancient artifacts that will help trigger the apocalypse of the past leader’s vision. After two year’s travel, she is commissioned by Krells to join a misfit band hired by the city. Deciding this is another opportunity to try to find more artifacts, Emen agrees to join and leaves with Dogmeat on her path for a new world.

Father: Gorcheck Kernlock
Mother: Mashra Kernlock
Brothers: Treghren Kernlock, Pragen Kernlock, Hargreth Kernlock
Sister: Charthen Horshim, Yergreth Kernlock


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