Pragen Kernlock

Emen's brother and the Kernlock master smith


Age: 25
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 265
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Brown-Gray
Pragen is the most introverted of the siblings. He never showed much interest in combat, but his fascination with smithing led him to create master weapons and armor. His family was appalled at his desire to pursue smithing at first because it is considered an occupation of a lower family, but after proving the superiority of his equipment in combat, he has become celebrated throughout the tribe. Much of the tribe’s recent growth is attributed to the soaring rate of survivors of combat due to more effective weapons and sturdier armor. Pragen was rather close with Emen and misses her, but understands her feelings surrounding her departure from the tribe, now more than ever. He wishes he had the courage to leave and try his luck someplace else, but his insecurities keep him well under the influence of his family.

Pragen is considered something of a hermit as he has not courted any female Half-orcs of the Horshim family. In truth, he is terrified his mother will force him to marry into the Horshim family, so he keeps himself occupied with smithing. He wishes to marry a childhood friend, Betrim Krang who is part of the second lowest family in the tribe. Since Pragen is free to do mostly what he wants and Betrim is a hunter, they meet often in the woods. Pragen admires Betrim’s impressive hunting skills and her knack for intelligent tactics. He doesn’t understand why some families must be lower and has instead chosen to meet with Betrim for as long as possible while mostly abstaining from tribe affairs. (Betrim hopes that he will soon be fed up with his family and will leave with her to establish a life in a city far from the tribe’s influence.)

Pragen Kernlock

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