Nihorra/“Speaker of the Drowned”

Their name comes from the craggy ocean caves they were discovered in during a shipwreck rescue mission. It is believed that they are old, old creatures who once lived only in the mountains, but the apocalypse changed this.

There are different Nihorra types due to their genetic instability. A mother will birth up to twelve tiny cubs, but usually only one survive due to the hideous deformities which plague the species.

They average out to look like bulky big cats. Imagine a sabertooth tiger with tusks instead of the teeth, and a very short neck like a bulldog. Their hind legs are slender and sinewy while their front legs and chest are thick and heavily furred, with massive foreclaws .


  • Cave Nihorra
  • Plains Greater Nihorra
  • Forest Nihorra
  • Plains Lesser Nihorra


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