Bartholomew Riverguard

Heroes are made, not born


A member of the “Veil of Illusion” halfling troupe, which has existed under a cloud of suspicion ever since it’s series of short plays on the virtues of multi level marketing failed to produce the advertised results.

He is known as a cleric of the Heroic Archetype (otherwise known as the Hero), despite his semi-permanent role as a stagehand in his troupe.

Believed to be possessed of multiple deceitful and treacherous personalities that assert themselves during appropriate periods of high drama.

His family is said to be cursed by the very waters they once sought to protect, that the merest touch of an aquatic beast might invite death. Rumours abound as to what sort of trespass on the flesh of fish could have resulted in such a drastic punishment.

Bartholomew Riverguard

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