Bright Scale

Imbued with embers from the first spark, he brings light to the darkness


Bright Scale, a fish with delusions of grandeur, was supposedly the first of his species to discover the secret of fire. While not particularly impressive by itself, as every other species had already done it, it still caused quite a stir among the Tritons.

Blamed for the out of control blaze that ravaged the Crate Reefs, he claims his people have endowed him with a singular quest to bring the knowledge of fire to the rest of the world, who have thus far been somewhat unimpressed. It is their hope, however, that knowledge of this new and amazing sorcery will help the foolish selfish dwellers stop the evils of their realm from leaking into the proper world of the ocean.

Before working with the Order of the Goat, Bright Scale claimed membership of The Jade Legion, a mercenary company originating in the far west. Supposedly, a difference in opinion over payment lead to the dissolution of his contract, but since no physical copy of the contract currently exists and Bright Scale was found abandoned in a dungeon while The Jade Company hasn’t been seen in some time, details are sketchy.

Bright Scale is alleged to be a title given to the Triton Ekaralas after a masterful display of his powers allowed him to use fire reflected in his scales to distract a leviathan from the depths intent on the destruction of his village, leading to it’s defeat. Whether there have been or currently are other Bright Scales is unknown.

Bright Scale

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