"Ren" Faerveren Dahast

Using a silver tongue for ill-gotten gold


Bears a striking resemblance to the daughter of the famed Elven actor Harbin Dahast Consielto, who’s stirring performance of El Senor de La Faecha once brought an end to the hundred year feud of the Jazinth and Versuga dynasties.

Is said to have won the the Castilonian Poetry Faire with a four day rendition of the entirety of De La Sin, De La Suerte, but was allegedly disqualified for illegal use of potions.

Left the Elven Hegemony under a cloud of rumors surrounding a failed engagement. Has since been tangentially connected to a number of sex muggings of high profile elven men.

Is said to be one of the last possessors of the mystical map to the Chelonian Citadel, but lost it it rolling five out of six in a game of Mad Eyes.

"Ren" Faerveren Dahast

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